Total Control: Our Dangerous D-Box


We’ll admit it – we dig on danger at BB4. That means providing a space where you can go to new places with your creativity, while also playing it safe with the signal path’s integrity.

Hence the recent addition of our Dangerous D-Box. We were drawn to this killer monitor system for a lot of different reasons. First and foremost it’s what it does to the sound, or rather what it DOESN’T do. Designed by Dangerous’ esteemed gadget guru Chris Muth, it’s transparent in all the right ways: This system is crystal-clear while it juggles speaker switching, analog summing, cue, talkback and headphone functions.

We’ve taken a great deal of care at BB4 to make our room an environment that can move seamlessly from mixing to mastering, enabled by a speaker system designed to some of the highest specs you’ll find anywhere, let alone New York City. That makes the flexibility of our new Dangerous D-Box all the more essential, since it can be hooked up to two different speaker selections plus a subwoofer. It also has two digital inputs for auditioning our iPod or CD player. We also appreciate the dual ¼” headphone outputs, which allow us to easily record in our control room – plus those headphone jacks are amplified, and you can hear the difference in signal.

A totally bonus benefit of the D-Box has been the eight-channel analog summing mixer. This unit has a ton of headroom, and at BB4 we take advantage of the fact that we can simultaneously monitor the summing analog signal and Pro Tools output simultaneously, which is a fast way to catch phase issues.

We also love how easy it is to audition material on different speakers. To that end, the fact that the D-Box has programmable offsets means we can switch between speaker systems and hear them at the same apparent loudness levels. Nice!

Since we also love to track here, with our dedicated tracking room and our great-sounding lounge/live room, we also take advantage of the built-in talkback mic. A nice touch on that mic is that it has flexible controls, for multiple ways of to communicating with the talent, which is handy in the heat of a recording or overdub session.

We could go on and on about why we love this unit, and we know that the Dangerous D-Box is no secret anyway. It’s a brilliant piece of sonic technology, and one more reason why mixing and mastering at BB4 comes with zero compromises.

Drive the Dangerous D-Box and more when you work at BB4.

David Weiss