Bass in Place

Zev Katz at BB4 Studio – Bass in Place

A famed International Low Tone Provider – a.k.a. A-list session bassist Zev Katz – has found a new audio haven right in his own backyard.

The New York City-based musician made a discovery recently, tracking overdubs at the new BB4 Studio in Brooklyn. Katz (James Brown, Sheryl Crow, Bruno Mars, Aretha Franklin, Lady Gaga) took a battery of basses into the Williamsburg facility, and came away impressed with this fresh addition to the city’s studio offerings.

“BB4 sounded excellent, both in the headphones when I was tracking and in the main room monitors,” says Katz, who added his expert low-end to tracks by the artist NOSUGA. “When a listening environment is that good I can get comfortable, and that makes it easy to play and easy to be creative.”

BB4 has created a studio unique to New York City, executing an acoustically excellent environment that is optimal for both mixing and mastering. Designed by owner Rafael “Raf” Planten and Christos Tsantilis (P. Diddy, Mary J. Blige, Mobb Deep, Mos Def, Brandy, Big Pun, Queen Latifah, Patti LaBelle, Saigon), BB4 provides mixers, mastering engineers, producers and labels with an exciting option for perfecting projects. World-class recording capabilities for vocals and overdubs are also onsite.

“I like the way Christos hears things,” Katz comments. “Everyone there was very thorough, auditioning my Khan Audio DI through several different compressors. That was probably a big factor in me being comfortable – we actually spent the time to find sounds that we like.”

Freelance producers, mixers, mastering engineers, and artists alike will feel well-supported at BB4, which provides an assistant engineer for all sessions. With the gear selection that’s on hand, audio professionals feel immediately inspired to get to work on their sounds.

For a globe-trotting player like Zev Katz, finding Brooklyn’s BB4 right next door gives him a convenient new option for elite tracking, mixing and mastering. “Having a recording resource like this — not to mention the amazing food and coffee in the neighborhood — is a positive development for New York City music professionals,” he says. “BB4 is operating at a very high level.”

— BB4

Kiara Mudd