BB4 Studios Launches BB4 Publishing

BB4 Studios Launches BB4 Publishing

Savvy studios are going beyond simply offering audio services, and are helping their clients on the business side as well.

BB4 Studios has announced the launch of BB4 Publishing, a new music publishing arm designed to expand the opportunities available to independent recording artists. The new entity is working with select artists and labels, assisting with all of their business and creative needs: BB4 Publishing will handle all administrative functions of a publisher, from copyright registration to licensing and revenue collection on behalf of its writers.

BB4 Publishing was established under the counsel of Michael Cirelli, a seasoned entertainment attorney based in New York City and Los Angeles. “I see a growing trend where music publishing companies have replaced many record labels as an A&R source,” says Cirelli. “They develop the song with the songwriter, and work with them to get the songs placed. Those placements can be with another artist, or in a multimedia setting such as in a commercial, TV show, film, streaming content, or a videogame.”

“The scenario at BB4 is optimal for many emerging artists that don’t yet have a publishing deal,” Cirelli continues. “Because of BB4’s experience in the music publishing industry, contact list, and ability to recognize talent, I believe that the team at BB4 will be able to take a songwriter to the next level. They can advance that artist’s career on multi-platform level, not just record the artist’s song in the studio – it’s an all-encompassing proposition.”

For BB4 founder Rafael Planten, BB4 Publishing is a natural extension of the studio’s mission, which is to elevate the artistic community whenever possible.

“We’re always thinking about how we can get artists heard,” says Planten. “In keeping with the sound quality of the studio, the purpose is to be fair and transparent with the artist. We want to make it clear that if you have talent, we’ll do our best to get you where you should be.”

While ability will be key, it won’t be the only factor considered for being signed to BB4 Publishing – artists must also be in tune with the positivity that is central to the studio.

“Personality has a lot to do with it,” Planten confirms. “People who we have the right vibe with us is essential. Commerce matters, but BB4 Publishing is first and foremost about collaborating with great artists — to create and build up memorable projects.”

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