Video: Manley Reference Mic Tube Test

Video: Manley Reference Mic Tube Test

We’re big fans of the Manley Reference Microphone – just one of many elite mics that we have here in the BB4 Studios locker.

The NIB GE 12AT7 that comes standard with the Manley is a great tube, but we thought it would be interesting and enlightening to switch some additional tubes in and out.

We’re not just keeping the results to ourselves: You can listen and compare via the video below. What are the differences between Manley’s go-to tube, the Bugleboy 12AT7, and the Telefunken 12AT7.

Let us know what you hear — and if you want to experience this shootout firsthand, or match up any of our other microphones or outboard, get in touch and schedule a visit to BB4!

Kiara Mudd