BB4 Microphone Profile: Funkberaters for Old School Vocals, FX and More

Those in-the-know know there’s no mic like the Funkberater. These Berlin-bred mics are revered for their old skool characteristics, capable of both clarity and intriguing effects.

A pair of MD30-2 omnidirectional dynamic microphones leads the charge. “They have a great sound to them,” says Christos Tsantilis, designer of BB4 Studios. “These Funkberaters are definitely original sounding – they’re a great alternative to using a Shure SM57 or other omni dynamic mics out there.

“If you’re looking for a vintage flavor from the ‘60’s, with less of a proximity effect, these are great mics to use. And on a lot of things including many different instruments, horn solos, and vocals.”

According to Tsantilis, the BB4 team started having fun – and a fast workflow – at the hands of the Funkberater MD30-2. “We tried some voices on them right away, and this omni mic sounded like an AM radio with no EQ. Right out of 1960. So it’s a mic that can be used for effects purposes, or any kind of vocals where you want to have a thinner sound. Instead of trying to make a plugin do that, you’re able to just put up the mic, hit record, and you have it.”

The Funkberater SM2030 is a cardioid dynamic with its own desirable sound. That makes it the perfect match for BB4’s highly creative tracking, mixing and mastering environment.

“We had gotten rave reviews from other engineers who recommended them to us,” says Tsantilis . “This mic has some really cool bottom end on it, which surprised me. It also has some nice top end. It’s got a nice vibe for a dynamic, it’s great on vocals, and its super old-sounding.”

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David Weiss