BB4 Studios Masters New Jersey Club and R&B Tracks for Lil C4 and MELo V

Mastering was underway at BB4 with a recent session, taking on two killer singles for Lil C4 and MELo V.

Engineer Kiara Mudd helmed the console for the New Jersey Club track “Language” and the R&B single “Bad Girls Only.” Both tracks grab your ear with inventive vocals, serious grooves, and plenty of sonic surprises. And word is catching on about “Language,” with 100,000 listens and counting already on Soundcloud.

During the sessions, Mudd reached for BB4 gear like the Prism Sound Maselec MEA-2 Mastering EQ and Manley SLAM! “The Maselec really helped bring out the higher frequencies in both tracks during mastering,” Mudd says. “The SLAM! accentuated the warmth and glued everything together.

“I loved working on both of these tracks,” Mudd continues. “’Language’ is definitely different from anything else on the radio right now. And ‘Bad Girls Only’ [soon to be released] is one of the best records I’ve heard from MELo V – it’s great to see how he’s grown as an artist.”


David Weiss