KOMPLETE Beats, Synths and Samples Have Arrived


We don’t really want for anything at BB4, but one day we realized we were feeling…just a little incomplete.

The answer – and then some – to our woes was KOMPLETE, Native Instruments’ jaw-dropping masterpiece for music production, performance, and sound design. We’d been making new discoveries all the time with KOMPLETE on our laptops, then had the “Well Duh” moment and added it here in-house.

In our turbocharged environment, KOMPLETE is killer. It has 45 different virtual instruments and effects, including huge synths, drums, cinematic sampled instruments, and crazy sound design tools. It also houses our fave-rave sampling and synthesis platforms REAKTOR and KONTAKT.

We use it all the time for the grooves and beats that we’re creating at BB4 Publishing, and our clients are having some serious fun with it as well. “KOMPLETE gives you the opportunity to work with mediums that you don’t usually have the opportunity for, like having a full orchestra at your disposal,” says BB4 studio manager/engineer Kiara Mudd. “The sounds in its KONTAKT sampler are very realistic -- they recorded real pianos, string instruments and brass for its libraries.

“We also like that you can set your BPM and the pitch of the song directly in KONTAKT if you like. We can work fast with KONTAKT because their presets provide a great starting point, for tasks like building an entire orchestra very quickly.”

BB4 has also become a big fan of REAKTOR. “I love the instruments inside REAKTOR, which have terrific starting points for being able to create your own sounds,” Mudd says. “You can pretty much make any genre with KOMPLETE. I personally use it for pop electronic music, but it comes with the tools to make film scores, rock, jazz, blues, R & B. It’s been used on huge Hollywood movies like Avatar.”

While we can man KOMPLETE for you here at BB4, it’s intuitive interface makes it easy for creative types to dive in and get going right away. “KONTAKT is the interface for the instruments inside, and they all have really easy controls to learn,” notes Mudd. “It’s the same with REAKTOR – it’s very user-friendly for first-timers.”

Artists, producers and beatmakers who visit BB4 are loving everything new they can do with our sweet software suite. “KOMPLETE is an inspirational lift for songwriters and producers who come to the studio, add something more to their songs, and take them to the next level,” Mudd says. “It’s unlimited possibilities for production, right at your fingertips.”


David Weiss