Session Notes: Bro4 at BB4

You better believe we liked the name of this incredibly talented pop band out of Bergen County, NJ: Bro4. Strength in 4’s! By recording at BB4, you could call this project 4 squared.

But enough word (and math) games. The fact is this quartet of brothers – who sing most harmoniously with their tight age range -- laid down two killer tracks working here at BB4 recently. Our Manley Reference Mic, Neumann U 87, and Avalon VT-737sp were all star players during the tracking sessions.

After the tracking, we looked to goodies like our Manley 16x2 summing mixer, TK Audio BC1-S compressor, and Great River Harrison 32 EQs to mix this (future) hit. Incredible vocal arrangements, acoustic-based tracks, and synths all converged in our PMC monitors – we can’t wait for you to hear these mixes! 

BB4 was the ideal production environment for this group on the verge. “Once you get in here, you’re focused on the music,” says Kiara Mudd, Studio Manager for BB4. “They’re perfectionists in Bro4, and they could hear exactly what they were tracking. They knocked it out fast! It’s always a pleasure to work with pros.”

David Weiss