Mic Check: Audio-Technica ATM250 and Ae2500

We knew we were off to a good start with the tracking rooms at BB4 — but when it comes to recording, the space you’re in is just one part of the battle.

To capture a performance pristinely requires talented performers, quality instruments, engineering expertise, and the right microphones. We just updated that last element with two new additions to our mic locker: the Audio-Technica ATM250 and Audio Technica Ae2500       .  

Our love for all things A-T began back in the day, when BB4 founder Rafael Planten started sampling on vinyl seriously on an Audio-Technica turntable. The brand got spun into his brain, and he’s been craving them for BB4 ever since we opened our doors. Now that we’ve added a beautiful new Ludwig drum set to our instrument collection, the A-T’s went from wish list to necessity.

So far, the ATM250 (pictured above) has proven to be killer on kick drums. This hypercardioid dynamic mic was engineered by A-T to provide a rich, warm low end response and it delivers. “When we position it outside of the drum head we get those sub frequencies we were listening for,” says Kiara Mudd, Studio Manager for BB4. “It’s a deep, heavy kick sound, and when you combine it with the right mic on the inside of the drum you get a perfect balance of punch and boom.” That’s an ideal complement to our tracking room at BB4, where lately we’ve been having fun getting vintage ‘80’s rock/funk and ‘90’s soul.       

With the Ae2500, we’ve found one of our go-to mics on guitar. “It delivers crystal clear sound, especially in the midrange,” Kiara notes. “When we aim this dual-element cardioid mic at our Marshall amp, it also picks up the distortion just the way we like it.” In other words, pure searing fuzz, with no muddiness, for a terrific rock or grunge sound.

These two new additions have been a blessing, allowing us to experiment with our live spaces in exciting new ways for everything from guitar and drums to horns and more. It’s a reminder of why recording can be so exhilarating: You never know what you’ll capture in your next session.

Track with these mics and more when you work at BB4.


David Weiss