Real Feel! All Hands on the Korg Kronos


Ready to get 61 times more creative? You’re going to adore BB4 even more.

That’s because our new Korg Kronos has arrived. And this 61-key beauty isn’t just a MIDI keyboard — oh no no NO. This is a full-fledged music workstation, with the power to take everything you love about synths back outside the box and put them in your hands.

Touch your digits to its semi-weighted keys and prepare to be entranced. It packs over 2,000 sounds built in to its multiple sound banks, and there’s something about having onboard access to these super-realistic pianos, strings, horns, FAT synths and much more that feels extra-massive.

The presets reveal some of our mightiest influences across the ages — the Beatles, the Eurythmics, Michael Jackson, Daft Punk and far beyond are represented. Get in their heads for inspiration, then change them up or, better yet, combine them. It also has a 16-track MIDI sequencer, 16-track audio recorder, plus — you guessed it — 16 effects processors.

Since the Kronos can also sample from external sound sources, the possibilities of what you can dream up and blend together are limitless. So far we’ve put it to use for hip hop, pop and EDM. It’s oodles of fun conducting an orchestra from behind the Kronos as well. If you want to be a guitar hero, the dual joysticks pack that whammy, or you can ride the ribbon controller for something different.

We also heart the eight-inch color TouchView display at the heart of the Kronos — it’s a futuristic centerpiece for an instrument with so many classic capabilities. And if you want to tap the Kronos’ sounds to play out the MIDI tracks you’ve already laid down in your own DAW, that’s easy to set up. 

“The Korg Kronos is a revered instrument — we were eager to see what it could do,” says Kiara Mudd, BB4 Studio Manager/House Engineer. “Now we have an amazing-feeling keyboard that can fit in with many musical eras, from classical to up-to-the-minutes. It’s another perfect flavor for BB4.”