Fly Your Audio: The BB4 Custom Console


Sit down. Take a deep breath. You are in control.

No, this isn’t some brainy new meditation in Headspace: It’s the sensation that accompanies situating with the custom console at BB4. This is no off-the-shelf studio furniture. Dare we say it’s a triumph of ergonomics, efficiency, aesthetics and acoustics.    

We know it sounds like were tooting our own horn, but all in the name of sharing a unique audio experience. It’s a fact that there’s no desk like this anywhere – it’s the Star Trek command bridge and ultimate sweet spot in one.

Curious? Conjure in your mind: An audio desk serving mixing and mastering engineers with equal aplomb, putting all at your fingertips without ever leaving that sweet spot. This series of analog surfaces doesn’t keep you rolling around like a mainframe console does – rather, it’s a concise environment to keep people working quickly and comfortably.

Ear Reorientation

BB4 is a compact studio, all the more reason to make the very most out of everything we put in here. Custom crafted by master acoustician Ken Capton of Solar 2, it’s a beautiful desk keeping a wide range of mixing and mastering hardware, plus the DAW/mastering software suite, within reach at all times.

Sit behind this wood-hewn beauty, check to the left, and there’s an elite gear list to record and mix with. Without ever leaving the sweet spot you access a Manley 16x2 mixer, dual SSL XLogic Superanalogue Channel Strips, dual API 553 EQs, stereo Manley Slam Stereo Limiter/Mic Pre, six Vintech 573 pres, two Vintech 473’s w/four mic pres apiece, TK Audio BC-1 stereo compressor, TK Audio 500 Series Universal Insert Station, and much more.           

Rotate right and you’re viewing the mastering section. A Prism Sound Maselec MEA-2 Mastering EQ, Weiss Eq1-LP/DYN/combo, and Waves MaxxBCL compressor/limiter/bass enhancer to name just a few. More mixing tools reside on the lower right, like the Great River Harrison 32 EQ and dbx 162 stereo compressor/limiter.

Then turn center, your ears aligned with BB4’s extremely accurate PMC monitor system. There you have a nifty center section with additional analog compression, monitoring control via the versatile Dangerous Dbox, our own custom master monitor knob (it’s MAGIC), and more. Within the precisely angled visual screen is the power to conjure up a vast array of plugins and instruments from UAD, Waves, iZotope, Soundtoys, Slate, Sonnox, SoundRadix, Fabfilter, Lexicon, Native Instruments Komplete to name just a few.           

Know This Workflow

The result is a sonic cockpit that’s very fun to fly. Precise positions for each analog box was tested to insure the best-feeling tactile feel and efficiency, aiming for maximum ease of mobility while remaining in the sweet spot -- that took days of trial runs!

Best of all: come and sample the workflow first-hand. After just a few minutes, it’s clear how a different console creation approach can lead to more enjoyable recording, mixing, mastering and critical listening.

Bring your mix or mastering session to BB4 and check the feel for yourself. Get in touch to schedule a test drive.